CPL Bakelite Doors combine highest quality with low price. There is the possibility of our clients to choose among a range of colors and designs.

Door leaf: The door leaf is covered on both sides with MDF 7mm thick, and its total thickness is 44mm. It consists of a wooden frame with internal slats and reinforcement in the lock. The wood has a moisture content of 10%-12% and is filled with honeycomb. It is finished with a router on the corresponding height.

The frame can be manufactured oval or straight, depending on the tint, with soundproofing tire around. Door Sills: They are clipping on the frame and they are made oval or straight.

Standard equipment:
13 colors to choose from.
3 double heavy type hinges in inox or gold color.

Door width: 68cm – 73cm – 78cm – 83cm – 88cm – 93cm – 98cm.
Frame thickness: 10cm - 12cm - 15cm. It can be manufactured with bigger thickness by the use of extension.
Height: up to 214cm (219cm with the covers).

Possibilities of construction:
Designs with the use of aluminium rails in inox color.
Sliding door.
Folding door.
Glass opening.
Frame extension in order to succeed manufacturing the right frame thickness.