Armored door is the perfect choice, as it offers high protection, quality and aesthetics.

Standard equipment:

Door leaf:
1. Triple steel armor
2. 7 mm. thickness of internal sheet and 7 mm. thickness of external sheet.
3. European cylinder lock with 3 bolts and latch.
4. Sicurblok (safety catch).
5. Thermal and acoustic insulation material.
6. Lock protection plate.
7. High heavy type adjustable hinges.
8. Soundproofing tire around the door leaf.
9. Partially opening mechanism, with separate handle.
10. Stable steel pins on the top and back side of the door, which secure to special receptacles inside the frame.

1. Steel thickness 20/10
2. Height heavy type adjustable hinges.
3. Adjustable chrome-plated latch.
4. Black polyester powder coating.

1. European security lock with small key.
2. Temporary key
3. Final keys
4. Wrench “SECURLOCK” made of tempered steel protecting the cylinder, with brass coverings.
5. Spyhole
6. Mobile drop sill
7. Black plastic coated steel edging
8. Black steel under-door

Height: 200cm - 205cm - 210cm
Width: 81,5cm - 86,5cm - 91,5cm

Armored doors’ coatings are made by solid wood in any color or dimension you demand. Laboratory tests that are realized to measure the performance of each door, comply with EU standards and EU directives and are therefore CE marked.